The European Partners against Corruption (EPAC) and European contact-point network against corruption (EACN) are independent forums for practitioners, united in the common goal of preventing and combating corruption. While EPAC has been in existence since 2004, EACN was founded in 2008, modelled after EPAC.

EPAC is composed of anti-corruption authorities and police oversight bodies from Council of Europe Member Countries. EACN, a more formal network established by a European Council decision, brings together anti-corruption authorities from European Union Member States. The two networks mostly work together as one, given their equal mission and goals. Most anti-corruption authorities are also in fact members of both.

With the overall objective of strengthening cooperation, EPAC/EACN provide a platform for practitioners to exchange expertise and information in the sphere of anti-corruption and police oversight, assist each other, and advocate the implementation of international legal instruments. They recognize the importance of safeguarding the independence of both police oversight bodies and anti-corruption authorities in accordance with fundamental principles of national legal systems.

In all matters, the networks observe the standards of independence, impartiality, legitimacy, accountability, transparency and accessibility. EPAC/EACN have a strong commitment to promoting effective systems of policing and anti-corruption work, which adhere to ethical standards and ensure respect for the rule of law and human rights.

Every year, EPAC/EACN hold a professional conference and likewise have a variety of working groups operating throughout the year. English is EPAC/EACN’s only official language. Finances are based on voluntary contributions from members, observers, official international programmes, and other sources.