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The European Partners against Corruption/ European contact-point network against corruption (EPAC/EACN) publish a contact catalogue which provides an overview of all members and observers. The catalogue outlines essential information about members and observers, such as their contact details, powers, structure and short descriptions of their mandate. All information contained is provided on a voluntary basis. The contact catalogue also presents the EPAC and EACN constitutions, and the annual declarations adopted.

A map of the combined EPAC/EACN constituency, as well as separate maps of EPAC and EACN members are available for download.


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Contact Catalogue 2012 Contact Catalogue 2012

Date added: 12/20/2012
Filesize: 7.3 MB

Contact Catalogue 2015 (August) Contact Catalogue 2015 (August)

Date added: 05/08/2015
Filesize: 11.07 MB

EPAC/EACN Members Map EPAC/EACN Members Map

Date added: 10/18/2012
Filesize: 3.52 MB

Contact Catalogue 2014 (April) Contact Catalogue 2014 (April)

Date added: 07/31/2014
Filesize: 8.29 MB

Contact Catalogue 2016 (November) Contact Catalogue 2016 (November)

Date added: 10/14/2016
Filesize: 8.36 MB
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