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An Information Exchange System for EPAC/EACN?

Participants of the Workshop on Information ExchangeDoes EPAC/EACN need an information exchange system, and if so, which platform should it be? An interactive workshop on the topic among anti-corruption authorities and police oversight bodies opened at the International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA) this morning.

More than 20 member authorities are taking part. The first session consisted of presentations on existing information exchange systems for operational and non-operational cooptation, by Markus Goerres from OLAF and Burkhard Mühl and Emma Corneliusson from EUROPOL. In the afternoon, the Austrian Federal Bureau of Anti-Corruption’s (BAK) Verena Wessely will introduce Austria’s SIENA for Anti-Corruption Authorities project, to be followed by group discussions on the future of an information exchange system for EPAC/EACN.

The workshop is organized by the BAK and supported by IACA.

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