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Annual Conference Approaching

2012 Annual_ConferenceEPAC/EACN’s 12thAnnual Professional Conference and General Assembly session will take place from Wednesday, 21 November until Friday, 23 November 2012 in Barcelona, Spain.


The conference will focus on issues which are relevant for both the anti-corruption and police oversight strands. In particular, it is foreseen to address the protection of whistleblowers, the evaluation and strategic analysis of data, and security policing in public places. Furthermore, the presentation of examples of challenges in the prosecution of corruption and economic crime cases, as well as the developments and goals of the fourth GRECO Evaluation Round, are envisioned.

The conference is open to all EPAC/EACN member and observer authorities. Registrations closed on 5 November. For more information, visit the Annual Conference section of this website.






























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