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"Setting Standards for Europe" Presented at GRECO

HandbookAt the 54th GRECO Plenary Meeting which took place in Strasbourg from 20 to 23 March 2012, Martin Kreutner, President of EPAC/EACN, presented the network's latest publication, the "Setting Standards for Europe" handbook.

The handbook is a compilation of the 'Anti-Corruption Authority Standards' and 'Police Oversight Principles', elaborate documents of a recommendatory nature which were unanimously adopted by the EPAC/EACN General Assembly in November 2011. Mr. Kreutner took this opportunity to commend the work of all those involved in contributing to the standards and principles and making the publication of this handbook possible. In general, the presentation received considerable attention and EPAC/EACN was applauded for its overall efforts and the launch of such a compilation.

The handbook, as well as the Anti-Corruption Authority Standards and Police Oversight Principles as separate documents, can be found under the Recommendations section.

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