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EPAC/EACN Project Conference in Budapest

Project Conference_IIIAn EPAC/EACN Project Conference entitled, "European Standards for EPAC/EACN Members”, took place in Budapest, Hungary, from 13 to 14 April 2011 under the auspices of the Hungarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

ThisProject Conference_II event witnessed the participation of more than 80 delegates from Council of Europe and EU Member States. The conference was organised by our EPAC/EACN partner, the National Protective Service and the Hungarian Ministry of Interior. Mr. László Felkai, Undersecretary for Administration of the Hungarian Ministry of Interior, informed the Project Conference_Iplenary about his country’s recent legislation and endeavours dedicated to effectively fighting corruption. In his opening speech, Mr. Felkai emphasised the need to take concrete measures in order to effectively tackle corruption. Mr. Zoltán Bolcsik, General Director of the newly founded National Protective Service (NVSZ), also addressed the plenary, outlining theProject Conference_IV authority’s competences, and drawing attention to Hungary’s commitment towards preventing and countering corruption.

The EPAC/EACN President, Mr. Martin Kreutner, opened the first plenary session with a presentation of the latest developments within EPAC/EACN. Project Conference_VHe highlighted the need to translate international instruments and mechanisms into reality and to convert rhetoric into action. Furthermore, the President informed about the work undertaken by the working groups on "Anti-Corruption Authority Standards” and "Police Oversight Principles”, and introduced ideas and suggestions for the way forward.

The representative from GRECO, Mr. Edmond Dunga, delivered a presentation entitled "Anti-Corruption Standards and Mechanisms of the Council of Europe”, providing overview of GRECO and giving insight on the Council of Europe’s anti-corruption approach. Mr. Dunga stressed the importance of implementing recommendations and briefed the plenary on GRECO’s experiences in this regard.

During the conference, the EPAC/EACN working groups on "Anti-Corruption Authorities Standards”, chaired by Mr. Martin Kreutner and Ms. Anca Jurma (Vice-President), and on "Police Oversight Principles”, chaired by Nicholas Long (Vice-President), convened to further discuss the principles and standards elaborated by the groups so far.

The new Director General of the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF), Mr. Giovanni Kessler, addressed the participants prior to the second working session. Director General Kessler conveyed the outcome of the recent conference of enforcement authorities which took place at the World Bank, stating that anti-corruption bodies are not working in a co-ordinated, transnational and efficient manner, as is the case with organised crime networks. In his address he emphasized the need for shared operational tools, including the exchange of information, intelligence and valid evidence that can be used beyond the borders of national sovereignty, in order to effectively combat corruption. In addition, the Director General discussed the recent alleged corruption case of the European Parliament and highlighted OLAF’s role in the investigation process.

At the end of the conference, the Budapest Declaration 2011 was unanimously adopted by the participants. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to our Hungarian colleagues, especially to the NVSZ and its General Director, Mr. Zoltán Bolcsik, for their outstanding organisation of the event, and for their kind and warm hospitality, which made this conference such a success.

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