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Passing of our colleage António Maximiano

AntonioWith deep regret we have learned that António Henrique Rodrigues Maximiano, the former Inspector General of the Inspectorate General of the Internal Administration (IGAI), Portugal, has passed away.

We still remember our personal meetings and discussions on various occasions, especially our close co-operation in Vienna and Lisbon in the beginning of our joint network, the "European Partners Against Corruption”. Mr. Maximiano has been a most outstanding and inspiring figure, whose reputation and high commitment in the area of safeguarding human rights and in the police oversight field was gratefully received and highly acknowledged not only in Portugal but also all over Europe and globally. Above all, Mr. Maximiano has become an inspirational and encouraging friend.Mr. Maximiano’s exemplary joie de vivre and his commendable spirit will persist in our minds.

Our deep sympathy lies with the family.

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