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ViennaFrom 8 to 9 April 2008, the EPAC Communication Working Group met in Vienna for the first time. Delegations from the Latvian KNAB, the Lithuanian STT and the Romanian DNA participated in this gathering hosted by the Austrian BIA.

The meeting was initiated to draft a vision for EPAC, which, after its adoption by the general EPAC Conference, shall serve as a guideline for the network’s activities and emphasize its core values. Furthermore, the working group discussed a concept how to make the already existing expertise of the EPAC partners more available to the members and observers of the network, but also to a broader audience interested in the work of EPAC.

As a result of the meeting, important elements of the draft EPAC vision and basic parameters for the EPAC publication concept were compiled. According to these parameters, the publication will deal with the fight against the abuse of authority in a broad sense and follow a "phenomenon-focused approach” instead of an institutional one. It was agreed to finalize the drafts in a second working group meeting in autumn this year. At the 8th Annual EPAC Conference, planned to take place in Manchester; UK, from 19 to 21 November 2008, the EPAC vision shall be discussed and necessary commitments to contribute to the publication shall be sought.

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