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5th Anniversary of the KNAB

KNABOn the occasion of its 5th anniversary, the Latvian Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) organized a one-day international conference on 9 October under the theme, "Corruption Prevention and Combating – Trends and Future Challenges”.

A series of national and international experts gathered in Riga to discuss current trends and future perspectives in the field of anti-corruption. Effectiveness of anti-corruption in strengthening good governance, preventive as well as combating measures were the main themes of diverse panel discussions.While the Latvian Prime Minister Aigars Kalvitis described the Latvian government’s anti-corruption policy and priorities, the main results of the work of KNAB were presented by Aleksjs Loskutovs, Director of KNAB during the last years.Beside representatives of UNODC, Kunika Ozaki, Director of Division for Treaty Affairs, and OLAF, Paul Lachal Roberts, Advisor to the Director General, who both described the importance of implementing international anti-corruption standards on national level, also EPAC was represented. Martin Kreutner as EPAC Chair not just forwarded the best regards and congratulations of the European Partners against Corruption to KNAB and its Director, but also focussed in his intervention on the necessity of close international co-operation and networking on order to fight corruption effectively.In the diverse interventions also references were made to the currently in Latvia ongoing discussion regarding KNAB and its future role as well as to the general conditions for effective anti-corruptions measures.

Following the conference KNAB together with the Special Investigation Service of Lithuania (STT) chaired a working group meeting on "Common Standards and Best Practices for Anti-Corruption Agencies”. In the course of this meeting both chairs presented draft-conclusions, which intensively were discussed and will be the basis for a paper to be presented to the Annual EPAC Conference from 12 to 14 December in Helsinki.

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