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1st International Anti-Corruption Summer School

IACSSThe first International Anti-Corruption Summer School (IACSS), organized by the Bureau of Internal Affairs (BIA), starts on 6 July 2007.

This one-week event gives a selected audience of about 50 participants from the EU, the Western Balkans and countries of the European Neighbourhood Policy the opportunity to attend interdisciplinary lectures held by scientists and experts. It shall provide comprehensive expertise in the fields of fighting and preventing corruption, and forms a platform for professional exchange on these topics.

With the scientific support of the Universities of Halle, Linz, Ottawa and Passau, and in cooperation with the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) the International Anti-Corruption Summer School is held for the first time from 6 to 13 July 2007 in Altlengbach, Austria, and is probably unique in this form.

A selected audience from 23 countries attends interdisciplinary seminars and lectures by renowned practitioners and scientists. Under the theme "Practice Meets Science” this innovative, experience-oriented concept merges practical approaches with aspects of diverse scientific disciplines such as psychology, criminology, political science, business administration, or political economics.

The IACSS 2007 also promotes the exchange of experiences between the different participating authorities, be it from the Member States of the EU or from outside the Union, disseminates general and specific knowledge, and thus contributes to the fight against fraud and corruption, including fraud and corruption affecting the financial interests of the European Union. In order to develop effective cooperation with the member countries, Wolfgang Hetzer and Stefan Knolle give an insight into OLAF, its working methods, and different mechanisms concerning the fight against corruption within the European Commission. In his lecture entitled "Corruption and the Notion of Security – Towards a Holistic Approach” another "practitioner”, Martin Kreutner, Director of BIA, focuses on the comprehensive and multidisciplinary aspect of preventing and fighting corruption.

Furthermore, internationally reputed scientists were invited to the IACSS 2007: Prof. Michel Girodo (University of Ottawa) gives a lecture on "Psychology and Corruption”, Prof. de Nève (University of Halle) on "Political Science and Corruption”, and Prof. Schneider (University of Linz) on "Schadow Economies and Money Laundering”. Prof. Lambsdorff and Matthias Nell (University of Passau) concentrate on "Economics of Corruption”.

In the evenings, fireside chats are held by eminent personalities from politics, the business sector and the media. The journalists Brigitte Handlos (ORF, Austrian Broadcasting Corporation) and Florian Klenk (weekly magazine "Falter”) lead a discussion on "Corruption and the Media”. Michael Hershman (Fairfax Group) and Maximilian Burger-Scheidlin (International Chamber of Commerce) debate on "Private Sector Corruption”; Günther Kräuter and Peter Pilz (both Members of the Austrian Parliament) focus on "Corruption and Parliamentarism”.

icon IACSS 2007 - Course Catalogue

icon IACSS 2007 - Lecture by Martin Kreutner


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