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G8 Summit: Commitment to the Fight against Corruption

G8 2007"Growth and Responsibility in the World Economy” were the central themes of this year’s G8 Summit.  It was the fifth such summit under the presidency of Germany.

One chapter of the concluding document was dedicated to the fight against corruption.The eight leading industrialized nations, Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, USA, Canada and Russia, as well as the European Commission met from 6 to 8 June 2007 for their annual summit, which took place this time in Heiligendamm, Germany.The large, somewhat controversial media and public interest is mainly due to the chosen topics.

Apart from a number of issues such as stability and transparency of the financial markets, climate change, energy efficiency and energy industry, the agenda also comprised the fight against corruption.In the Summit Declaration the G8 describes the national and international strengthening of the fight against corruption as one of their most important tasks. The ratification of current agreements on the fight against corruption, especially those of the United Nations (UNCAC) and the OECD, are of particular importance.The main focus should be on developing effective, continuous, strict and sustainable control mechanisms, on international cooperation to recover illegally obtained assets (asset recovery), as well as on capacity building for Third World countries.The Summit Declaration also emphasizes the G8’s endorsement of the anti-corruption work of international organizations such as UNODC, OECD and Interpol.

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