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1st International Anti-Corruption Summer School Coming Soon

IACSS logoWith the support of renowned European and international universities, the Austrian Federal Bureau for Internal Affairs (BIA) will organize the "First International Anti-Corruption Summer School” – IACSS 2007 - from 6 to 13 July 2007.

The IACSS 2007 will give a selected audience of senior anti-corruption investigators from the EU, the Western Balkans and countries of the European Neighbourhood Policy as well as advanced university students of anti-corruption related subjects the opportunity to attend interdisciplinary lectures by scientists and experts with comprehensive expertise in the fields of fighting and preventing corruption and profound knowledge about the mechanisms of the corruption phenomenon.

The primary goal of this Summer School is an interdisciplinary transfer of knowledge from science to practice. Based on an innovative, comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach, the different aspects of the phenomenon of corruption will be elucidated. Apart from criminology, the fields of business administration, political economics, psychology and others will be treated.

The IACSS 2007 shall also promote the exchange of experience between the different participating authorities, be it from the Member States of the EU or from outside the Union, disseminate general and specific knowledge and thus contribute to the fight against fraud and corruption, including fraud and corruption affecting the financial interests of the European Union. Moreover, the Summer School helps to make known OLAF and its working methods by offering a detailed presentation of the Office as well as to develop effective cooperation by improving the understanding of Community and national mechanisms.

In order to develop and strengthen direct links between authorities of Member States of the EU and authorities of neighbouring regions, participation is primarily limited to investigators from EU and Western Balkan countries as well as from countries of the European Neighbourhood Policy who have an excellent knowledge of English (working language: English) and are proved to have several years of experience in criminal investigation in the fields of corruption or white-collar crime. Also, a small number of advanced university students of anti-corruption related subjects from participating universities are invited to submit an application.


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