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8th Conference of International Investigators and 20th Meeting of the IGEC

8th conferenceHosted by European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) and facilitated by the UN Office at Vienna, investigators and experts in anti-corruption matters from all over the world met from 9 to 11 May 2007 at the Vienna International Centre to discuss a broad range of topics in the field of fighting and preventing corruption.

The three-day "Investigators Conference" dealt with ethics in investigations, the working relationship between ethics officers and investigators, the role of investigations within the internal justice system, as well as with perspectives from outside, i.e. from customers, colleagues and competitors. Participants and panellists further discussed today’s interaction between investigations offices and procurement service. The presentations as well as the exchange of information showed that investigations are closely related to procurement issues. Furthermore, a continuous flow of information needs to be ensured not only to balance transparency and confidentiality during investigations and when reporting results, but also to overcome existing investigative obstacles and tensions.

The Conference of International Investigators was followed by the Meeting of the International Group of Experts on Corruption (IGEC) hosted and facilitated by the Austrian Federal Bureau for Internal Affairs (BIA). Major topics of IGEC meeting were possible contributions to and potentials of the Interpol Anti-Corruption Academy in Laxenburg, Austria.

Both meetings successfully demonstrated the rising need to bring international expert groups and existing networks closer together in order to establish a highly effective global collaboration in terms of fighting national and transnational corruption.

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