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IPCC - Steering Group Meeting

IPCCOn 23 March, the inception group of the future International Network for the Independent Oversight of Policing (INIOP) met under the informal supervision of the Deputy Chairman of the Independent Police Complaints Commission of England and Wales (IPCC), John Wadham.

The group discussed further concrete measures and actions on the way to a formal launch of the global Network.This time hosted by the Standing Police Monitoring Committee of Belgium, representatives from Ireland, the UK, the USA, Belgium, Austria, Canada and – connected via video-link – Australia attended the meeting. The groups agreed to the procedure terms of the Steering Group and the following tasks. A first discussion concerning the possible constitution of the INIOP took place.Furthermore participants consulted about previous and future liaison, to reach out to a worldwide and extensive participation in the network. At the end of the meeting, the Steering Group agreed to a follow-up meeting not later than early summer 2007.

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