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The World Bank's "Black List"

World BankThe World Bank recently released a  "black list” of companies and persons ineligible to enter into business relations with it due to fraud or corruption.

"Naming and shaming” is the international term used to describe the World Bank’s instrument to fight fraud and corruption affecting public funds. It consists of publishing the names of companies and persons on the World Bank’s website which the World Bank considers to be responsible for violations of procurement provisions. The establishment of the list is based on a special administrative process allowing the accused firms and individuals to respond to the allegations.The World Bank expressly extends this ban on companies directly or indirectly controlling debarred firms as well as on firms directly or indirectly controlled by a person on the black list. Depending on the severity of the violation, the ineligibility period varies from three to fifteen years. The debarment can also be imposed permanently.Currently, the World Bank names 152 companies and individuals from 24 countries on its website list.

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