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Contact Catalogue 2007 Published

Contact catalogueThe EPAC Contact Catalogue is now available. Since the beginning of 2007, two new members have joined the network - the Bulgarian Inspectorate Directorate at the Ministry of the Interior and the Romanian General Directorate for Intelligence and Internal Protection.

The informal network of the Police Monitoring & Inspection Bodies and Anti-Corruption Agencies now comprises - beside the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) - institutions from all 27 EU Member States. Organizations from Croatia, Norway and Serbia participate in the network as observers. An overview of the members and observers of EPAC can be found in the updated EPAC Contact Catalogue 2007 released at the beginning of February 2007. It contains not only the contact details of all authorities or agencies but also a short description of their competences and core tasks.In 2007 EPAC will explore new ways as far as the content and organization of its work are concerned. Thus four working groups chaired by different EPAC members will deal with the following topics in the course of the year: "Evaluation of Achievements of and Future Perspectives for EPAC”, "International Standards on Police Oversight”, "Common Standards and Best Practice for Anti-Corruption Agencies” as well as "2007 Conference”. The results of these working groups will be presented and discussed at the EPAC Conference in Helsinki in December 2007.

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