We network against corruption

International training on Big Data analysis in anti-corruption organized by STT took place in Vilnius

In the framework of the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) project, international training on identifying the risks of corruption and fraud using Big Data analysis tools was held in Vilnius. The event was attended by data analysts from 18 European countries. The training was conducted by experts from the USA, Switzerland, and Hungary, and aimed at strengthening the competencies of the Special Investigation Service (STT) and other law enforcement professionals in preventing corruption risks affecting the financial interests of the European Union (EU), as well as developing international cooperation exchanging information in the field.

During the training, participants had a possibility to acquire the necessary knowledge for understanding Big Data strategies, structure and quality assurance, processing and analyzing various types of large amount of data in order to identify corruption risks. Trainees as well practically applied various analytical tools allowing for more effectively data use in assessing and mitigating corruption and fraud risks. After the training, participants will also have the opportunity to conduct a pilot analytical joint-study in their countries, applying the newly acquired skills, while identifying potential corruption risks in public procurement. The results of the study will be presented at the final project event, which will take place on 2nd September 2022, in Vilnius.

"International training largely focused on big data integration and usage in anticorruption research, as well as assessment and analysis of corruption risk indicators in public procurement and other sectors for better protection of the EU financial interests. We are glad that this event attracted representatives from different European law enforcement and controlling authorities. Shared experience, acquired knowledge and skills will not only improve the quality of data analysis, but will allow for more effective decision-making in mitigating and preventing corruption risks,” said Rūta Kaziliūnaitė, Deputy Director of STT and Head of EPAC/EACN Working Group on Big Data.

OLAF project "Strengthening Law Enforcement Analytical Capacities in Big Data Analysis to Prevent and Detect Fraud and Corruption Affecting EU Financial Interests" contributes to the activities of the Big Data Task Force of EPAC / EACN, an international organization uniting more than 100 European anti-corruption authorities and police oversight bodies. The project is funded by the OLAF-Hercule III programme, which promotes the exchange of knowledge and good practice in the identification and management of corruption and fraud risks detrimentally affecting EU financial interests.