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Integrity Hackathon - Innovation for transparency

Innovators and transparency enthusiasts, SAVE THE DATE for The Integrity Hackathon.

On behalf of Vilnius Šilumos tinklai and the Special Investigation Service of the Republic of Lithuania, we would like to cordially invite you to join our upcoming initiative: Integrity Hackathon – a 2 stage, hybrid event that aims to find innovations for a more transparent Europe by connecting bright thinkers worldwide.

Starting with the 1st Stage on September 29-30th, transparency enthusiasts and experts, IT field representatives, entrepreneurs and product designers, public governing and social sciences researchers, lawyers, and students will gather online where they will tackle current transparency struggles in teams of up to 5 people.

Top 3 ideas will be selected by our judges panel and move on to the final in Vilnius on November 11th where the winner will receive a 15,000 € prize which they will be able to redeem for any chosen online courses in the most prestigious universities worldwide.

Integrity hackathon will also feature a diverse team of mentors and transparency experts who will cooperate with the participants and consult them in aims to create the most innovative and robust ideas.

In addition, one of the core principles of Integrity Hackathon is to foster international cooperation in efforts of nurturing a more transparent climate across Europe. We believe that your experience would be a valuable addition to the project. That is why we would like to extend a formal invitation to you and your colleagues and strongly encourage you to attend.

Please, find more information and register on the official website –


Looking forward to having you aboard!

Semi-final online: September 29-30th, 2022
Final in Vilnius: November 11th, 2022

Application is free. Application deadline: September 22th, 2022. Applicants may apply as teams or as individuals. Solo applicants will be assigned into teams after the application process is finished.