Participation of EPAC/EACN members in the International Anti-corruption Conference in Washington

EPAC/EACN members and observers will participate in the International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) on December 9. The Panel discussion "Rethinking the Global Law Enforcement Response to Corruption" initiated by Special Investigation Service of the Republic of Lithuania (STT) will bring inspiration and new ideas from different perspectives for an effective and holistic global law enforcement response to corruption.

"We are happy to have the opportunity to present EPAC/EACN and STT in one of the most significant high-level forums which aims to strengthen the international dialogue of the civil society, private and public sector in the fight against the manifestations of corruption and instilling anti-corruption values ​​in the states", says Žydrūnas Bartkus, EPAC/EACN President and STT director .

The STT-initiated discussion, "Rethinking the Global Law Enforcement Response to Corruption" will be attended by various EPAC/EACN members and observers, including Gizo Uglava, Acting Director of the National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU), Edvardas Šileris, Head of European Cybercrime Centre (EUROPOL), Alice Navarro, Deputy Director of the French Anti-Corruption Agency, Kristel Siitam-Nyiri, European prosecutor of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO) together with Žydrūnas Bartkus, President of EPAC/EACN and director of the STT and Patrick Killeen, the Unit Chief for the FBI's International Corruption Unit at FBI Headquarters.

The panelists will discuss the challenges faced by anti-corruption institutions around the world and examine how these challenges might be addressed. The discussion will be moderated by Sergejus Muravjovas, head of the Lithuanian branch of Transparency International. During the visit, the STT delegation with representatives of other countries will have bilateral and multilateral meetings. STT representative Margarita Dobrynina will present the results of the first International Anti-corruption Hackathon held in Lithuania.

The IACC is the world’s premier global forum for bringing together heads of state, civil society, the private sector and more to tackle the increasingly sophisticated challenges posed by corruption. Established in 1983, the IACC takes place usually every two years in a different region of the world, and hosts from 800 to 2000 participants from over 140 countries worldwide. The IACC advances the anti-corruption agenda by raising awareness and stimulating debate. It fosters networking, cross-fertilization, and the global exchange of experience that are indispensable for effective advocacy and action, on a global and national level.

In 2020 IACC conference was held in South Korea, in 2018 in Denmark, in 2016 in Panama, in 2015 in Malaysia, in 2012 in Brazil, and in 2010 in Thailand.

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