EPAC/EACN Board adopted a Work Programme 2024-2025 and announced the host for the EPAC/EACN Annual Conference this year

On 21 February 2024, the newly elected EPAC/EACN Board adopted its Work Programme for 2024-2025 and discussed other questions during its first official meeting in 2024. It was also confirmed that the next EPAC/EACN Annual Professional Conference and General Assembly shall be held in Bucharest (Romania) at the end of 2024.

“We are pleased to agree on the new EPAC/EACN Work Programme, which includes a number of actions for the upcoming two-year period to support the Rule of Law, continue training and best practice sharing among EPAC/EACN members and observers, and enhance cooperation and communication. EPAC/EACN is the biggest European network of anti-corruption and police oversight authorities, thus our task is to ensure that all members make the best of the opportunities to cooperate and learn from each other. We are also happy to invite everyone to our annual event at the end of the year in Bucharest, generously hosted by the Romanian Anti-Corruption Directorate General,” – said Linas Pernavas, EPAC/EACN President and Director of the Lithuanian Special Investigation Service (STT).

EPAC/EACN Board met officially in a hybrid format for the first time in 2024 since its election at the Dublin Conference in 2023 and kick-started its activities by adopting the Work Programme for its two-year term. The Programme is based on three thematic clusters – supporting the Rule of Law, ensuring the Transfer of Knowledge, and enhancing Cooperation and Communication. Its action plan includes defending the Rule of Law principle in internal and external communication, organisation of best practice exchange visits between EPAC/EACN members, as well as training workshops and webinars, publishing of selected best practices of EPAC/EACN members, podcast interviews with anti-corruption and police oversight experts on EPAC/EACN website.

Following a proposal by the Romanian Minister of Interior, the EPAC/EACN Board decided and officially announced that the upcoming EPAC/EACN Annual Professional Conference and General Assembly will be held in Bucharest (Romania) - provisionally on the last week of November. As soon as the dates are selected and confirmed, a traditional “save the date” message will be distributed to EPAC/EACN members and observers.

The Board also discussed potential hosts for the 2025 Annual Conference and possibilities of organising EPAC/EACN workshop at the 21st International Anti-Corruption Conference to be held on 18-21 June in Vilnius (Lithuania). The next Board meeting will take place on 22 May in Bucharest (Romania).