Best Anti-Corruption Practice Exchange Project Enters Second Round

The European Partners against Corruption/European contact-point network against corruption (EPAC/EACN) is pleased to announce the commencement of the second round of the Best Anti-Corruption Practice Exchange Project (BACPE). Building on the success of its inaugural phase, this project continues to offer a platform for members and observers to share knowledge and collaborate in the ongoing fight against corruption across Europe.

The first phase of the BACPE initiative, which commenced in May of previous year, saw significant engagement – 20 different institutions participated and exchanged good practices. The application for the second round is starting on the 2nd of April, with three new topics:

  • Anti-Corruption awareness raising
  • Criminal investigation of corruption and fraud
  • Big Data analysis

These topics have been carefully selected to address key challenges in the contemporary landscape of anti-corruption efforts. As before, EPAC/EACN members are invited to participate in this BACPE through study visits. Each institution is encouraged to nominate three experienced employees with at least five years of expertise in the selected topic.

"We are excited to embark on the second round of the Best Anti-Corruption Practice Exchange Project," said Linas Pernavas, President of EPAC/EACN. "This initiative has proven to be instrumental in fostering collaboration and sharing best practices among our members. We are confident that the upcoming phase will yield even more impactful outcomes in our collective efforts to combat corruption across Europe."

Institutions interested in participating are urged to register promptly. Detailed instructions on the registration process will be provided to EPAC/EACN members, with registrations accepted on a "first-come, first-served" basis. However, priority will be given to applications accompanied by a written consent from the chosen host authority, confirming its ability and willingness to facilitate a visit.

To ensure the widest dissemination of anti-corruption practices and foster international cooperation, each institution is limited to a maximum of two visits in total. Additionally, only one institution from each country is permitted to participate under each topic.

The BACPE project is funded by the European Union in collaboration with the Special Investigation Service of the Republic of Lithuania (STT), with a total budget of €135,355.00. The STT has contributed €27,071 towards the project's implementation.