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“EU Integrity” sub-working group 4: Second meeting

Second meeting of “EU Integrity” sub-working group 4, “Integrity and anti-corruption standards”

On 25 March 2021, the Austrian Federal Bureau of Anti-Corruption (BAK) hosted online the second meeting of SWG 4 (“Integrity and anti-corruption standards”) of the EPAC/EACN Working Group “EU Integrity”.

The meeting was attended by 21 representatives from 16 countries and 15 EPAC/EACN member authorities as well as national guests. Based on the discussions, contributions and results of the first meeting of SWG 4, the second meeting focused on the presentation of the final integrity framework and the development of best practices.

The integrity framework is based on interactive sessions where participants discussed essential components of an integrity infrastructure and how to present best practices. Best practices are intended to make the connection between theory and practice and show how integrity management is applied in real life.

In preparation for the meeting, all participants were asked to select elements of the integrity framework and briefly describe their ideas for best practices with a clear reference to these elements, potentially to be included. An impressive number of 55 best practices were presented during the meeting and reflected the participants’ areas of expertise and the institutions they represent. The outcomes of the sub-working group will be compiled in an “Integrity Manual”. All best practices introduced are highly relevant to the development of the Integrity Manual and illustrated the different elements of the integrity framework.

The work results of “EU Integrity” and the final Integrity Manual with its best practices will be rolled out in late 2021.