The European Partners against Corruption/European contact-point network against corruption (EPAC/EACN) have one President, two Vice Presidents and two Deputy Vice Presidents. All are elected for a two year term by the General Assembly, with the possibility of re-election. 


The function of EPAC/EACN President is currently fulfilled by the EPAC/EACN Vice-President POB and supported by the EPAC/EACN Deputy Vice-Presidents.


Ruta portretas 101x120Ruta Kaziliunaite, Lithuania
Deputy Vice President (2016 – present)

Deputy Head of the Special Investigation Service of the Republic of Lithuania




Monique Stirn, Luxembourg
Acting President and Vice President POB (2019 - present)

General Inspector of Police of Luxembourg


Thierry Gillis

Thierry Gillis, Belgium
Deputy Vice President (2019 - present)

Inspector General of the General Inspectorate of the Federal and Local Police (AIG)




KesslerGiovanni Kessler, OLAF
President (2012 – 2016)

Former Director-General (2011-2017) of the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF), European Commission



Martin KreutnerMartin Kreutner, Austria
President / (Co-)Chair (2004 – 2012)

Former Dean and Executive Secretary of the International Anti-Corruption Academy. 



Andre Van DorenAndré Van Doren, Belgium
Co-Chair  (2004 – 2008)




Drago KosDrago Kos, Slovenia
Vice President of the Anti-Corruption Strand (2009 – 2011)




Nicholas LongNicholas Long, United Kingdom
Vice President of the Police Oversight Strand (2009 – 2011)




Juta StrikeJuta Strike, Latvia
Deputy Vice President of the Anti-Corruption Strand (2009 – 2010)




Diane Reynders  Diane Reynders, Belgium
  Vice President (2011 – 2013) 




SchwankeJoachim Schwanke, Germany
Deputy Vice President (2011- 2013)




Anthony Duggan

Anthony Duggan, Ireland
Deputy Vice President (2012 - 2016)




Margarida BLASCO

Margarida Blasco, Portugal
Vice President (2013 – 2015) 



DanieldeAlfonsoLasoDaniel de Alfonso Laso, Spain
Deputy Vice President (2013 – 2016)




Anca Jurma Anca Jurma, Romania
 Vice President  ACA (2010-2017)




 thumb DominiqueDominique Devos, France
 Vice President POB (2015-2017)




Vissers Jack foto

 Jack Vissers, Belgium
Vice President POB (2017-2019)




mati. ombler

Mati Ombler, Estonia
Vice President  (2017 – 2020)