The European Partners against Corruption/European contact-point network against corruption (EPAC/EACN) newsletters are generally issued on a quarterly basis. They include information on developments and changes in the networks and international events, which could be of interest for members, partners and the wider international community.


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EPAC_EACN Newsletter_III_2019 EPAC_EACN Newsletter_III_2019

Date added: 01/21/2020
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EPAC_EACN Newsletter_II_2019 EPAC_EACN Newsletter_II_2019

Date added: 01/21/2020
Filesize: 376.65 kB

EPAC_EACN Newsletter_I_2019 EPAC_EACN Newsletter_I_2019

Date added: 04/09/2019
Filesize: 722.76 kB

EPAC_EACN Newsletter III 2018 EPAC_EACN Newsletter III 2018

Date added: 04/09/2019
Filesize: 1.15 MB

EPAC_EACN Newsletter II_2018 EPAC_EACN Newsletter II_2018

Date added: 04/09/2019
Filesize: 743.86 kB

EPAC_EACN Newsletter I 2018 EPAC_EACN Newsletter I 2018

Date added: 04/20/2018
Filesize: 621.22 kB
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EPAC_EACN Newsletter III 2017 EPAC_EACN Newsletter III 2017

Date added: 12/21/2017
Filesize: 1.37 MB

Newsletter II 2017 Newsletter II 2017

Date added: 09/14/2017
Filesize: 878.71 kB

Newsletter I 2017 Newsletter I 2017

Date added: 08/23/2017
Filesize: 343.83 kB

Newsletter II 2016 Newsletter II 2016

Date added: 07/25/2016
Filesize: 213.65 kB